Vice President of Product Management

Elizabeth Orzechowski

Elizabeth serves as the VP of Product Management at OPEXUS, bringing over 15 years of product management, marketing, customer service experience, and leadership experience in SaaS products.

Prior to joining OPEXUS, Elizabeth was VP, Product Management for Euromoney People Intelligence, Wealth Solutions – a global B2B information-services business providing actionable data, analysis, intelligence and access. Prior to Euromoney’s acquisition of WealthEngine, Elizabeth was VP of Product Management and member of the leadership team, helping oversee the company’s successful sale. While at WealthEngine, Elizabeth held leadership roles within product, marketing and customer service across her tenure. She is passionate about the voice of the customer and building great solutions to meet their needs.

Elizabeth holds a BA from the University of Vermont where she majored in English and minored in Political Science and Business Administration. She lives in Chevy Chase, MD with her family, including two boys and a golden retriever. Outside of work, she enjoys the outdoors, gardening and exploring the DC area.

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