Case Management Platform

A highly configurable case management platform that puts complexity into context

The eCASE® Case Management platform by OPEXUS is a low-code, built-for-government solution that unites processes, streamlines workflows, and accelerates resolutions for critical government case types—from FOIA requests to audits, investigations, and EEO complaints.

Need a solution that falls outside of these categories? eCASE can be configured to meet your unique case management needs.


Adapt with ease to meet the demands of modern government.

eCASE lets you quickly design and optimize the precise workflows and processes needed to ensure case resolutions are reached faster while upholding to the highest standards.

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Case management, optimized for government, straight out of the box

Deploy the eCASE platform built around government process, policy, and reporting requirements, including use cases such as end-to-end investigation management for Offices of Inspector General; the tracking, management, and reporting of EEO complaints; and more for government.

Low-code application development & configuration

Use the platform’s integrated tools to design or configure user interfaces, create digital forms and dashboards, adjust workflows, and make other configurations however and whenever needed to ensure your case management needs are met—all without heavy reliance on developers or IT support.

More timely information, minus time-consuming report creation

Make the generating and scheduling of required and highly in-depth ad hoc reports efficient using the platform’s automation capabilities and its intuitive Report Designer tool.

A highly secure case tracking tool

Conduct efficient case management on a FedRAMP-Moderate certified platform with advanced security features and configurations, including a complete audit trail that records every action taken. We also support our case management solution with ongoing security testing and continuous 24/7 monitoring.


Using one system to power multiple processes gave our agency better control over the technology and change management, while reducing maintenance costs.

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US Federal Government

A government case management platform with flexibility at its core.

We designed the eCASE platform for agility—meaning government agencies can rapidly build, deploy, and manage case-centric applications on a single unified system. All commercial-off-the-shelf case modules share the same core features and capabilities as the overall platform, which can be configured to streamline and secure your agency’s unique case processes while promoting visibility, transparency, and ease of compliance.

Workflow Designer

The platform’s Workflow Designer lets users take advantage of drag-and-drop tools to create, view, and edit custom workflows and assign user-specific tasks within each one. They can choose from workflow steps like human, process, user event, timer event, and end-event elements to build a workflow, and then add triggers to kick off certain tasks.

Report Designer

The Report Designer lets users build original canned reports for various case processes and set automation and scheduling parameters. It enables full customization of what information is collected and reported, along with how that information is presented.

Role-Based Permissions & Other Security Features

Our case management solution offers extra peace of mind with multi-factor authentication and the encryption of data at rest and in transit. To build on this security, administrators can set role-based permissions, so users can share data when needed while blocking unauthorized users, roles, and groups.

Document Management

The Document Management capabilities found in our platform let users add, store, and retrieve files quickly and easily. They can also configure filing structures, control document versioning, redact documents, and record approvals with digital signature.

Procedure Designer

The Procedure Designer makes it far simpler to configure advanced processes as a set of instructions within logic constructs. Using visual, block-based tools, users can design and implement key automation steps that move a case through a designed procedural flow.


Drive operational excellence in government.

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