OPEXer Spotlight: Simin Mehrabanzad, Software Engineering Lead 

November 15, 2022
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Q&A with Simin Mehrabanzad

Get to know Simin as we chat with her about her role and beyond.


Q: How does your education connect to your professional career?

A: I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, as well as a bachelor’s in psychology. In terms of computer science, that is the foundation for the technical side of the work. In terms of the psychology side, my studies focused on UI (User Interface) design. Over the years I have done more technical work; however, I have been in the industry for a while and held various roles.


Q: What is the most satisfying part about the work you do every day?

A: The most satisfying part about the work I do every day would be the potential of producing a product that can help our users do their job more efficiently. There is also an opportunity to be creative. In addition, the in-person interaction is great; our team is composed of very nice individuals.


Q: What do you believe is your biggest accomplishment at OPEXUS?

A: Overall, my biggest accomplishment at OPEXUS would be my ability to implement and reinforce more processes. We have a goal of being more process centric. If one person is out of the office, we want to make sure that everything doesn’t fall apart. This of course is an ongoing process, and the growth of the company allows us to pursue this route.


Q: What do you think people misunderstand about your job?

A: People often misunderstand that being a software engineering lead is purely technical. There is a combination of skills used, including being personable.


Q: Who is someone you admire, and why?

A: Someone I admire is a good friend I have who is very successful in balancing family and work. They are able to raise a family and have a full professional life, and I strive to be that way too.


Q: What do you think are the best skills that you bring to your job?

A: I think the best skill I bring to my job is that I have a fresh outlook on the product since I have not necessarily worked with it initially. If everyone agrees on everything you do not have a wide range of perspectives from people coming from different lenses.


Q: Name three words that you describe you.

A: I would say that I am persistent, inquisitive, and intentional.


Q: What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working at OPEXUS?

A: When I am not working, I am happiest traveling, spending time with family and friends, and reading.

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