Operational excellence for government.

Automate processes and workflows with FedRAMP-authorized government process management software to ensure your agency can focus on what really matters: delivery of its mission.

Over 30 years of innovating government process management


Technology that digitizes complex government processes, approvals, and reporting

Work efficiently

Our case management tools are 100% built for the public sector, reflecting current policies and legislation and making approvals and required reporting easy.

Build community

Government customers don’t compete. Because of that, we sit at the center of a powerful network of best practice sharing. When one client highlights an emerging need, everyone benefits.

Reduce risk

OPEXUS is FedRAMP-authorized and StateRAMP in-process, reflecting a strong commitment to security and compliance standards to keep its customers’ data safe and secure in the cloud.

Speed implementation

OPEXUS’s built-for-government software works out-of-the-box, which means no lengthy implementations or never-ending customizations.

Configure, don't code

OPEXUS empowers users to build and modify case management applications in a fraction of the time; no custom development required.

Purchase easily

OPEXUS is available through multiple US and Canadian blanket purchase agreements (BPAs), and with a single case management platform, IT manages fewer vendors and a single security assessment.


Government process management software

Legacies aren’t built on legacy systems. We empower government professionals to build trust in public institutions with FedRAMP-certified software that digitizes complex government processes.


Drive operational excellence in government.

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