Audit case management that makes it easier to spot fraud, waste & abuse

Built for government and FedRAMP-certified, eCASE® Audit by OPEXUS empowers Offices of the Inspector General (OIG) to conduct audits more efficiently and thoroughly on a single platform—one designed with Yellow Book and Red Book standards at its core.


The answer to inefficient audits & scattered spreadsheets.

eCASE Audit is an all-in-one internal audit software that streamlines audit and compliance processes for OIGs and other government agencies, with a DOJ BPA awarded for easy procurement. It automates and eliminates duplicate tasks, frees up the time of IT staff, and cuts through the procedural and technical hurdles that otherwise slow auditors down.

And when an agency implements eCASE Audit, it simultaneously ensures its audits and reports comply with Government Accountability Office (GAO) guidelines. That’s because eCASE Audit is specially built on top of Yellow Book and Red Book best practices and standards.

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Streamline procurement & simplify change management

eCASE offers dedicated applications for audit and investigations on a single platform to reduce training time and costs, eliminate the need for multiple security assessments, and ease the overall procurement process. Audits and investigations are managed separately with secure, role-based data sharing when needed.

Improved consistency & reduced costs

With a single audit management solution that offers comprehensive capabilities on user-friendly dashboards, users can:

  • Erase redundant workflows
  • Eliminate the need to train on—and support—multiple applications
  • Reduce the likelihood of lost or incorrect information
  • Work smarter and faster with reusable templates
Faster, more thorough & accurate audits

Speed up audits with customized workflows, rules, electronic forms, and reports. Import previous audits into new cases to build on work that’s already complete. Eliminate audit errors and inconsistencies using systemic and workflow-driven audit processes to standardize data collection.

Highly efficient, secure & transparent audit workflows

Unify processes to drive efficiency and accuracy across fiscal year planning, project management, execution and analysis, and resolution tracking. Our audit management software helps to improve transparency using standard and ad hoc reports, and increase security for sensitive information.


“With eCASE Audit and Investigations built on the platform, we used the same ATO and same security site. The applications speak the same language and time application, and agency policies and training are shared across the tools.”

Special Agent
Operations Officer / US Federal Government

Audit software that upholds Red and Yellow Book standards & enables operational excellence.

eCASE Audit is feature-rich audit software built specially for public sector professionals to track audit processes from start to finish, connect audit and investigative teams, and provide fully repeatable workflows to improve efficiencies, increase visibility, and reduce costs.

Configurable Workflows

Audit teams can configure and reconfigure workflows and business rules to evolve over time without constraints of custom code. Users can also automate approvals and reviews, tasks, status updates, and notifications.

Risk-Based Audit Planning

eCASE Audit features standardized planning procedures and captures critical information from work planning to final reporting. Teams can prioritize audit work based on risk exposure, business objectives, resources, and organizational requests.

Collaboration Tools

eCASE Audit is the only cloud-based audit solution that enables editing of PDFs, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and more within the application. eCASE Audit allows for collaboration within these various file types and lets users bookmark and hyperlink important information directly within the work paper.

Workpaper Management

eCASE lets users centralize key documents and store objectives, tests, criteria, samples, observations, and evidence with system-guided approvals at key points. Workpaper management capabilities include:

  • Linking fieldwork, controls, and risks to audit papers
  • Configuring the filing structure for easy referencing
  • Quickly linking references to procedures through a citation library
Time Tracking

eCASE Audit features integrated scheduling, tracking, and reporting of time taken to complete audit steps and projects. eCASE Audit also:

  • Integrates with Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Locality Pay tables for accuracy and to eliminate re-entry
  • Offers insights into historical expenditures and areas for future spend
Issue Tracking & Resolution Management

Automated follow-ups within eCASE Audit make findings and recommendations—including ownership, tasking, deadlines, and closure criteria—the core “result” of the audit for tracking and capturing. Users can also automatically import corrective actions from their project management module and create, submit, and approve management decisions, track final action certification, and generate recommendation reports.


Drive operational excellence in government.

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