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eCASE Audit & Investigations Case Management Suite  

Using our built-for-government investigations and audit software you’ll streamline rigid semi-annual reporting requirements, manage growing data volumes from field intel and audit trails, and store shared data in an accessible, role-based system. OPEXUS eCASE Audit & Investigations Case Management Suite provides a cost-effective solution to OIGs and other agencies to manage these two critical functions in a similar platform.

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Tackle fraud, waste, and abuse challenges with a comprehensive, built for government solution

Work together
Shared challenges span audit and investigations teams

Investigators and auditors face many of the same challenges. Rigid semi-annual OIG reporting requirements, growth in data volume and complexity and time and cost requirements for auditor capture or field intel are just the tip of the iceberg. With a single suite built for the unique requirements of OIGs, agencies can decide when and how their investigations and audit software systems should integrate, creating role-based permissions that make sense.

Increase Efficiency
What if there was an easier way?

Managing audit and investigations in similar platforms increases efficiency by allowing data sharing via secure, role-based permissions that verify when information is needed, such as when an audit triggers an investigation. The benefits extend to end-users through consistent training and a seamless user experience. Meanwhile, leadership gains access to rolled up dashboards with comprehensive insights, empowering them to report up to their Inspector General and make strategic decisions.

End-to-end solutions from origination to case closed

Making case management auditor and agent friendly

COTS Model

Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) investigations and audit software solutions with configurable workflows to ensure efficiency while removing the need for custom code, allowing for faster implementation


Configurability lets you tailor the solution to meet the needs of most types of audits and investigations


Data Privacy

Data privacy is guaranteed through classified data systems, robust audit logging, comprehensive privacy training, and biometric authenticated data centers

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The eCASE Audit & Investigations Suite

Built for government and FedRAMP-certified, eCASE® Audit software by OPEXUS empowers Offices of the Inspector General (OIG) to conduct audits more efficiently and thoroughly on a single platform—one designed with Yellow Book and Red Book standards at its core.
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eCASE® Investigations by OPEXUS, a commercial-off-the-shelf application built specially for federal and state Offices of Inspector General (OIG) and law enforcement agencies, unifies processes and manages complex investigations within a single case.
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