FOIA request management software that delivers total control on a single platform

The FOIAXpress® suite by OPEXUS enables state and local governments to process open records requests more efficiently, speeding delivery of responses by up to 75%. FOIAXpress promotes transparency, decreases time spent on redundant administrative tasks, and centralizes operations, all in a StateRAMP certified solution.


Communicate effectively, juggle competing priorities & comply with ever-changing state and local mandates with greater ease.

A suite of modules that unites request handling, record retrieval, redaction, and compliance tasks on a single solution, FOIAXpress streamlines and automates time-consuming and costly open records request management processes.

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Accelerated discovery, review & redaction

Cut down on discovery time and rapidly filter, deduplicate, rank, and sort documents. Then export your relevant findings into the main system for AI-assisted redaction and processing.

Faster responses & reduced costs

Empower internal and external collaborators to assign record owners with tasks and send responsive records for review—no external communication or document transfer tools required.

Reduced complexity & simplified reporting

Use FOIAXpress’s intuitive reporting capabilities to better understand program performance. And leverage out-of-the-box case management features to capture, compile, and validate information required for mandated reports. Time saved can then be spent on backlog reduction, more detailed reviews, and SOP refinement.

Increased scalability & security

Secure data and reduce risk through cloud-ready StateRAMP-certified hosting, encryption standards, single sign-on, and irreversible pixel-to-pixel redaction. The system can also scale to accommodate the number of users and meet IT performance demand.


“OPEXUS has superior understanding of government processes. Its products cut down on administrative work significantly.”

FOIA Team Lead / USAID

An end-to-end open records case tracking solution—from receipt of request to retention.

FOIAXpress comes with the critical features public agencies need to tackle complex requests, stay ahead of increased request volume, stay compliant, and meet internal regulations. It also offers a host of additional modules that improve the requester experience, automate workflows, help calculate and collect payments, and more.

Case Management

The entire open records request lifecycle is controlled and logged within FOIAXpress. Users can assign and track tasks, as well as monitor peripheral processes and correspondence between stakeholders in one integrated system. They can also create and use standardized responses and templates.

Document Management

FOIAXpress provides a central repository where users can review and redact records. A simple drag-and-drop motion converts records into images ready for redaction with the ability to create multiple layers on a single record and post reviewed and redacted files into a public reading room directly from the repository.

Comprehensive Redaction Functionality

FOIAXpress comes with free-hand, polygon, and other manual redaction tools. It also offers:

  • An AI assistant that finds, flags, and redacts sensitive information prior to document review
  • Integrated redaction capabilities for text-based files, video, and audio content
Automated & Scheduled Reports

FOIAXpress allows users to automate, schedule, and generate annual reports and features both raw data and XML reporting capabilities. Users can generate a wide range of reports that include custom request, billing, and request management (e.g., data call) reports, and then export into various formats.


Drive operational excellence in government.

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