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We are a team of passionate government insiders who design, develop, and deliver government process management software, 100% built around the unique needs of the public sector. We believe the professionals who keep democracy running expect and deserve exceptional technology experiences.

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Martha Mathers


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Everything you need to know about our rebrand from AINS to OPEXUS.

Why are you rebranding?

We want the new name, look, and feel to convey that we are committed to empowering professionals to elevate trust in public institutions through the design, development, and delivery of government process management software.

How did you come up with OPEXUS?

We wanted to choose a company name that aligned closely with our business and our values.

“OP” + “EX” reflects our customers, who are key to driving operational excellence inside government, and our software, which is designed to ease and automate the important work that they do.

“US” nods to our community. We work hand-in-hand with our customer communities to help government professionals share ideas and support their ability to succeed with our products and people.

How will you communicate this change to customers? Will staff emails be changing?

The rebrand will be announced through customer emails, press releases, our website, and social media with transparency about the transition process from AINS to OPEXUS. Staff emails will change to, but any emails sent to will be forwarded to OPEXUS inboxes to ensure continued communication.