Employee & Labor Relations

A single platform for ER/LR case management excellence

eCASE® ER/LR by OPEXUS is specially built for government human resources teams managing employee and labor relations processes to enable more efficient work, total case monitoring and transparency, open communications with unions, and rapid investigative responses.


An HR team empowered to work smarter, faster.

eCASE ER/LR simplifies and streamlines employee and labor relations processes. It’s a single platform that provides end-to-end visibility into employee performance and case progression. And it provides the means for case managers to work with union and employee representatives while adhering to policies and regulations.

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A big picture view of the employee experience

HR specialists can track all performance improvement plans, misconduct cases, steps taken, and outcomes. They can identify trends across cases and gain visibility into the employee journey for making decisions that improve employee satisfaction, productivity, motivation, and morale.

Improved union grievance case management

Users can track cases initiated by an employee or representative and review an authoritative record of the charges made and steps taken, helping to shield the agency from legal liability. Users can also share policy updates with union representatives for transparency and open dialogue.

Greater accountability & reduced risk exposure

When an employee makes an allegation via an EEO complaint or other method, a harassment case is generated for HR specialists to investigate. Actions are logged during the investigation, and the HR specialists can either close the case or—based on the findings—decide to investigate the case further.

Highly efficient workforce management

Supervisors and HR specialists can configure predefined case types available out of the box to correct poor performance, address employee misconduct, and track administrative grievances or third-party proceedings. These case types automate entire steps of traditionally manual processes and grant greater insight into key case details.


"[The OPEXUS team]'s patience, ability to understand our needs, optimism, and brilliance have been a driving force keeping the project moving forward."

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An ER/LR solution that modernizes HR processes for efficiency, insight & compliance.

We designed eCASE ER/LR to serve as a single platform for the management of more than 20 employee and labor relations case types. Through its robust features and functionality, eCASE ER/LR promotes better outcomes, makes information easily accessible and clear communication possible, and offers visibility into the full employee journey from hire to retire.

Communications Portal

Before a new internal employee/workplace policy goes into effect, it can be added into our platform’s communications portal, where employee and union representatives can review the policy and make comments. This fosters good faith and helps agencies avoid potential labor relations disputes.

Unified Processes & Prefilled Templates

eCASE ER/LR automates core HR processes and provides customizable response and report templates that prepopulate fields with known case information. And because it unifies all case activities together, it centralizes oversight and document management, eliminates manual work, reduces human error, and accelerates case processing times.

Total Configurability & Customizable Reporting

In the face of fast-moving regulatory changes, an agency can quickly make the necessary configuration adjustments to our platform using a low-code approach, ensuring it maintains compliance without lengthy developing times. Users can also generate mandated or ad hoc reports and schedule them for distribution to key stakeholders.

Harassment Inquiries

Should an HR specialist conclude that a harassment inquiry requires additional investigation, eCASE ER/LR allows them to turn the inquiry into one of three configurable case types that can then be assigned and tracked accordingly:

  • Anti-harassment
  • Management inquiry
  • Administrative investigation
Configurable Case Types for Employee Relations

Our platform comes with eight configurable case types ready to help supervisors and HR specialists capture and share key case details, track case statuses, and enforce policy adherence and regulatory compliance. These case types are:

  • Conduct action
  • Opportunity to improve / Performance improvement plan
  • Counseling / Leave restriction
  • Performance action
  • Administrative grievance
  • Third-party proceeding
  • Leave administration
  • Appeals
Configurable Case Types for Labor Relations

The labor relations component of eCASE ER/LR offers nine configurable case types to keep a running record of all actions and outcomes related to:

  • Demand to bargain
  • Information requests
  • Grievances
  • Unfair labor practice
  • Arbitration
  • Union notices
  • Official time
  • FLRA petitions
  • Pre-decisional involvement

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