eCASE Correspondence management software that fast-tracks resolutions

A built-for-government case management solution, eCASE® Correspondence by OPEXUS ensures compliant, consistent, and efficient processing of Congressional requests, using the same workflows and modern document management technology as the FOIA request management process.


A fully integrated solution to modern correspondence challenges.

eCASE Correspondence is an end-to-end, commercial-off-the-shelf application that powers the unique communication and regulatory requirements of government agencies. From citizen mail and legislative requests to official memorandum and policy directive case handling, eCASE automates and tracks every critical step.

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Greater efficiency & reduced costs

Apply consistent processes and tools to FOIA and Congressional requests, addressing overlapping requests consistently, reducing total work, and reducing risk associated with inconsistent information release.

Risk avoidance

Protect your office from risk with a solution that complies with National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) mandates and record retention requirements. Users also gain visibility into performance metrics and accountability for every action taken in the system with comprehensive reporting.

Secure, real-time collaboration

With our FedRAMP-certified, cloud-based solution, collaborators safely share critical case details, answer questions, and quickly decide on the next best course of action as a team. Users in disparate locations can communicate in real-time via discussion threads and receive alerts when new messages post.

Scale to meet all correspondence requirements

eCASE Correspondence powers the regularly requirements of government agencies big and small. Create folders and workflows that align with and scale to your agencies’ unique requirements for White House correspondence, Congressional requests, interagency correspondence and more.


"No matter your SOPs, no matter your processes, and no matter how you operate, we can configure our case management solution to follow that process and enable your view of excellence."

Ben Tingo
FOIA Advisory Committee Member, Chief Legal Officer OPEXUS

A correspondence solution that unifies & streamlines correspondence processes.

We designed eCASE Correspondence to avoid the risks associated with inconsistent information release and help process all office correspondence efficiently and consistently.

Case & Workflow Management

Using the eCASE Correspondence’s workflow engine, predefined workflows are configured to provide a step-by-step routing chain that supports decision logic and approvals in your organization. Ad hoc workflows can also be implemented to allow for greater process flexibility.

Configuration Options

Our highly configurable platform doesn’t need an abundance of customizations and implementation specialists to get it off the ground. Simply configure the platform to your specific correspondence needs during deployment, then add or modify fields, labels, forms, reports, and workflows whenever your demands change.

Security via Roles & Permissions

The system admin can create multiple roles and set different permissions based on a user’s function within a process. Permissions can also be set at the group level to ensure secure data sharing.

Easy Integrations

eCASE Correspondence integrates with various document management solutions and advanced capabilities including SharePoint, Documentum, OpenText, Oracle Content DB, and more to provide process tracking, document version control, and real-time reporting of statistical data.

Correspondence Templates

Your pre-existing forms are digitally recreated using Microsoft InfoPath and maintain the same information-gathering requirements. Users can also create, save, and share their own frequently used form letters.

Flexibility to Accommodate a Range of Needs

Supported correspondence types include but aren’t limited to agency executive security, Congressional letters and correspondence, White House and interagency correspondence, executive briefings and invitations, information memos, and legal public affairs and responses.


Drive operational excellence in government.

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