Investigation software that gives leaders control of the entire investigative lifecycle

eCASE® Investigations by OPEXUS, a commercial-off-the-shelf application built specially for federal and state Offices of Inspector General (OIG) and law enforcement agencies, unifies processes and manages complex investigations within a single case.


Automate, track & report on the investigative process.

eCASE Investigations empowers investigators to collaborate effectively, manage critical information, and close cases faster with greater accuracy—all on a secure, integrated platform that eliminates the need for clunky third-party applications or multiple modules.

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Reduced costs & improved budgeting

Remove the financial burden of maintaining different systems; reduce costs by empowering investigative teams to:

  • Adapt to new requirements without custom coding
  • Draft more realistic budgets with auto-calculated budgets and case cost monitoring
  • Gain insight into historical expenditures and areas for future spend based on trends
Streamline procurement & simplify change management

eCASE offers dedicated applications for audit and investigations on a single platform to reduce training time and costs, eliminate the need for multiple security assessments, and ease the overall procurement process. Audits and investigations are managed separately with secure, role-based data sharing when needed: e.g., an audit triggers an investigation.

Increased security and assured compliance

Take advantage of pre-configured rules and workflows that ensure compliance with agency rules and regulations, including required managerial reviews. Gain increased security with the platform’s role-based permissions, FedRAMP certification, and U.S. Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliance.

More efficient, collaborative investigations

Unify and automate investigative processes with a single application that integrates hotline complaint intake, triage, case processing and tracking, and robust reporting; eliminate errors from manual systems and link indexes for improved evidence sharing.


“With eCASE Audit and Investigations built on the platform, we used the same ATO and same security site. The applications speak the same language and time application, and agency policies and training are shared across the tools.”

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Operations Officer / US Federal Government

A solution to redundant, disparate investigative processes.

eCASE Investigations tracks and reports on the complete investigative process—from hotline complaint initiation to final disposition. With the platform’s tailored workflows, rules, electronic forms, and report templates, investigators can accelerate each case using a myriad of features that are comprehensive without being complicated.

Hotline Portal

Investigators can use the platform’s online portal to receive tips of fraud or abuse from citizens, employees, and officials. New cases based on these tips can be auto populated with key complaint information.

Complaints & Investigations Management

eCASE Investigations comes with pre-configured rules and workflows to ensure compliance for reporting or managerial reviews. The workflow monitor, embedded field rules, and case closure checklist enforce investigative best practices and reduce administrative delays.

Training / Requirements Management

Agencies can efficiently track and report on compliance with training and medical requirements, as well as certification hours and course assignments.

Time Tracking & Reporting

Our platform automatically identifies charge codes and calculates time that meets Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP) requirements. Results can be queried using time tracking reports on agent LEAP and agent time sheets, giving agencies total visibility into time charged to each case.

Assistance Request Capabilities

With eCASE Investigations, investigators can request forensic evidence reviews, financial analysis, and subpoena documents from investigative units and general counsel—all within the same system—rather than having an additional program import process.

Index Record Data Management

eCASE Investigations provides an index section users can use to search and add indexes saved to the platform’s contacts database. Once the index record is added, users can also determine their specific relationship to the case (subject, complainant, witness, incidental, etc.).


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