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eCASE Workforce Management Suite

The eCASE Workforce Management Suite provides government HR teams with an end-to-end case management solution that goes deep into highly regulated, complex employee processes to reduce siloes and streamline workflows. This empowers agencies and their staff to run as efficiently as possible.


Tackle an influx of employee requests and modernize systems while reducing siloes and streamlining workflows

Built for Government
Designed exclusively for agencies

The eCASE workforce management suite is designed around the highly regulated, complex standards set by the government, to help agencies stay fully compliant with new and changing mandates while maintaining the highest data privacy, security standards and record maintenance available on the market today. eCASE has everything you need as a government employee without the extraneous features offered by private sector solutions.

Employee Centric
Designed around the employee experience

The eCASE Workforce Management Suite is centered around the employee and is designed to empower them to securely and discreetly start processes. Covering everything from performance reviews and reasonable accommodations requests to harassment claims, storing this data in a secure, role-based system, ensures critical information is both protected and easily accessible.

Powerful Insights
Comprehensive reports and dashboards

The eCASE Workforce Management Suite features comprehensive dashboards that offer greater insight into cases and encourages better decision making, while off the shelf reports and easily accessible data make compliance easy. These insights help build an institutional knowledge base, ensuring staff at all levels have the information they need to make strategic decisions.

Empowering government human resources teams

From reasonable accommodations to alternative dispute resolution

Security Upfront

FedRAMP moderate, government first design with required templates, forms, and reports and secure, role-based permissions to keep you compliant

COTS Model

Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions with configurable workflows to ensure efficiency while removing the need for custom code, allowing for faster implementation

Data Sharing Capability

Designed to allow data sharing across platforms when, and only when, it makes sense

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The eCASE Workforce Management Suite

eCASE® ER/LR by OPEXUS is specially built for government to enable faster processes, total case monitoring and transparency, open communications with unions, and rapid investigative responses.
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A built-for-government EEO case management solution, eCASE EEO eComplaint® by OPEXUS unites the managing, tracking, and reporting of every EEO process onto a single platform—and provides the tools agencies can use to resolve more cases before formal complaints are filed.
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