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EEO software that gives you total control over the entire complaint lifecycle

A built-for-government EEO case management solution, eCASE eComplaint® by OPEXUS unites the managing, tracking, and reporting of every EEO process onto a single platform—and provides the tools agencies can use to resolve more cases before formal complaints are filed.


Resolve, report & comply with greater confidence.

eCASE eComplaint is designed specially for government EEO management as part of OPEXUS’s workforce management suite. From initial complaint contact to case closure, it delivers end-to-end visibility, enables seamless control, and ensures compliance at every stage of the EEO case lifecycle.

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Support transparency & accountability

Monitor and capture every action and outcome within the eComplaint system. And through its reporting module, generate Form 462 and NoFEAR reports with ease, creating ad hoc reports and using the platform’s validator tool to pinpoint and fix reporting errors prior to distribution.

Save time & reduce paperwork

Employee-centric design ensures that related cases can be easily identified and reviewed within the platform (e.g., when a complaint triggers an investigation). Secure, role-based data sharing ensures a complete picture by identifying related case files.

Improve efficiency & ensure compliance

Process complaints quickly through streamlined workflows that are structured according to the latest EEOC standards. We adjust the rules as mandates and policies change over time—so users can keep their focus on case resolution.

Avoid costly customizations

Because eComplaint is built on the eCASE platform, it can be adapted to meet an agency’s unique requirements without costly and time-consuming custom coding. This includes creating new workflows, prepopulating fields with data to save time, and designing and integrating forms.


"[The OPEXUS team]'s patience, ability to understand our needs, optimism, and brilliance have been a driving force keeping the project moving forward."

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An EEO solution designed to empower users & promote complaint resolution.

We built eCASE eComplaint with the features and functionality EEO staff can rely on to expedite the complaint process, maintain compliance, and resolve more cases prior to formal complaint filings.

Complaint Management

eCASE eComplaint complies with EEOC policies regarding the processing and tracking of claims and generating reports. It also includes report creation and validation tools, customizable dashboards, and document management capabilities out of the box—with no need for purchasing separate licenses or add-on modules.

eComplaint Portal

Complainants can file an anonymous claim using our platform’s complainant portal and check the status of their case at any time. Once created, the system automatically initiates a new complaint case ready for assignment.

ADR Tracking

eComplaint’s built-in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) tracking tool offers case managers an effective means for monitoring resolution attempts and processing any individual and group complaints brought forward. The tool tracks all ADR activities—even those that occur outside the platform—for transparency and actionable insight.

Anti-Harassment Management

Once an allegation has been reviewed, our EEO management solution gives complaint specialists the option to either close the case or convert it to: Anti-harassment, Management, or Administrative Investigation. A harassment case enforces logging and investigation, so users gain greater accountability and can even remedy the situation prior to a formal complaint.

EEO-Specific Roles

Roles configured to specific tasks, workflows, and permissions associated with the EEO process are available out of the box to speed up implementation and adoption. Users can further customize the following roles as needed to ensure agency’s requirements are met: Counselor, manager, specialist, investigator, and administrator.

Form 462 & No FEAR Reports

eComplaint generates and automatically conducts validation of Form 462 reports. After validation, users are notified of any errors and prompted to correct them, so that they can create a thorough and compliant report in minutes. A separate tool is included for generating the No FEAR report in both web-based and PDF formats.


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