Q&A with Stephanie Muxfeld, Product Manager at OPEXUS 

January 15, 2024
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Get to know Stephanie as we chat with her about her role and beyond. 

Q: What does it take to succeed in your role or field, especially for those beginning their careers? 

A: I’ve been in product management for 15 years, starting as a business analyst and project manager. Transitioning to product management was driven by a mentor’s suggestion, and my passion for customer-centric problem-solving at the intersection of technology made it a perfect fit.  

Q: What do you expect when coming into the role? 

A: Continuous learning is essential in product management. Staying updated on evolving technologies and customer needs is crucial to effectively address challenges and drive innovation. 

Q: What’s the best thing about OPEXUS? 

A: Everyone at OPEXUS is incredibly supportive, welcoming, and dedicated to helping our customers succeed. The collaborative environment makes every day enjoyable The sense of camaraderie and the opportunity to be part of our growth trajectory is great. Unlike my previous roles in big tech, here I have direct access to everyone, from engineering to our engaged customer base. The level of interaction and collaboration is unparalleled. 

Q: How is government different from your last job? 

A: Working with government clients brings a unique dynamic. Unlike the competitive environment in the private sector, government agencies are open to sharing information and collaborating. There’s also a profound sense of mission-driven work, akin to the nonprofit sector, where we strive to contribute to societal betterment. 

Q: How is OPEXUS like the government? 

A: Both OPEXUS and government entities share a commitment to serving the public interest. We prioritize mission-driven outcomes and aim to make meaningful contributions to society through our technology solutions. 

Q: Can you share a memorable interaction with an OPEXUS customer? 

A: Recently, a customer expressed how our solutions exceeded their expectations, which was incredibly rewarding. It highlights our dedication to delivering value and making a positive impact on our clients’ operations. 

Q: If you had to work for free, what would you choose to do? 

A: I’d be a librarian. I’ve always been passionate about fostering knowledge sharing and creating accessible resources for others – and I love libraries. 

Q: What’s the best thing about being a product manager? 

A: The variety of challenges I encounter daily keeps me engaged. Each day presents unique problems to solve, fostering continuous growth and development. 

Q: What technology did you love as a kid, and how has that changed throughout your life?  

A: I loved The Little Professor, a backwards-functioning calculator that generated unsolved math expressions and the user guesses the answer.  


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