Meet OPEXUS. Top questions about our new brand.


OPEXUS Culture: Top Questions About Our New Brand

We could not be more excited to announce our rebrand from AINS to OPEXUS. Our new name, look, and feel were all designed to appeal to our customers, government changemakers and operators, who run the critical behind-the-scenes work that keeps government running smoothly.

Below we share some of the inspiration behind the rebrand and the inspiration we drew from our customers every step of the way.


Q: How did you choose the new company name? 

A: We wanted a name that aligned closely with our business and our values, of which the most important is “Build Community. “OP” + “EX” reflect our customers, who are key to driving operational excellence inside government, and our software, which is designed to ease and automate the important work that they do.

“US” is all about our community. We work hand-in-hand with our customer communities, now known as “OPEXperts”, to help government professionals share ideas and to support their ability to succeed with our products and people.

A major focus of the company in 2023 includes building and maintaining our active user communities in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Office of Inspector General (OIG) (specifically, audit and investigations), and Human Resource (HR) solutions. To help with this effort, we’ve just relocated our offices to downtown DC to bring us closer to our customers. We plan to host our communities in our office and at our Annual Summit and User Conference across 2023, providing frequent paths to connect with the OPEXUS team and each other. Not only does this inform the development of better software and better experiences, it helps our customers connect, sharing cross-government best practices and insights.

Q: What’s the inspiration for the new logo and colors?

A: Three key ideas pointed us to our new logo and mark:

  • Color: We started with plum. It’s a fresh, modern color that reflects our bipartisan position, supporting all government professionals. From there, we brought in high-energy hues that reflect our positioning as a tech platform and our personality: fresh, focused, and friendly.
  • Structure: We might build software, but our true end product is the foundational structure and organization underpinning government.
  • Low-Code: The building blocks visible in our new icon suggest our configurability and efforts to empower end users without custom code. That means fewer vendors and shorter implementations, along with the power to make changes that align the software to your agency’s needs. That could take the form of collective evidence with important metadata to complete an investigations report, tracking a FOIA request from request submission to the final delivery of documents, or pre-loading letter templates with the relevant routing requirements.

Q: How would you describe the new brand personality?

A: OPEXUS is fresh, focused, and friendly. What does that mean?

  • Fresh: Unique and contemporary. We are different from our competitors – and the rest of the govtech market.
  • Focused: We stand for the government professional and build our products and services with public institutions at the center. With our newly formed Product Management and User Experience/User Interface teams, we prioritize the solutions that will have the most impact for the greatest number of our customers. And when one customer elevates an important need, all of our customers benefit from the output.
  • Friendly: Our customers know us by name. We are positive and accessible – we want to make every one of our users successful. Our Customer Success team is here to make sure things go smoothly from Onboarding onward. We schedule proactive health checks to ensure adoption is going well and ensure access to valuable resources if questions about your solutions arise.And we want your feedback. We want to meet and exceed your expectations of the technology you use in the workplace. You don’t settle for mediocre technology for personal use. Why should your workplace technology be any different?

Q: What’s up with #unstuckgovernment?

A: Our customers are career “govies”. Most of them got into public service because of their desire to make a positive impact on society and leave a legacy… but sometimes they feel stuck. It could be due to outdated technology, manual tools, or even their desire to move up in their careers.

OPEXUS empowers them to feel less stuck – and to help their agencies run more smoothly. Here’s what we want to enable for our customers:

  • Moving work forward – while working with great technology
  • Delivering operational excellence within every office with which we partner
  • Providing expert partners through our community of passionate “government insiders”

We’d love to see our OPEXperts using #unstuckgovernment across social media to share your passion for improving how the government works and elevating trust in public institutions.

Legacies aren’t built on legacy systems. Let OPEXUS help you build yours. Contact us for more information.

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