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October 29, 2022 / #Unstuck Government

Historically, government technology user experiences are terrible. Our customers got into public service because of their desire to make a positive impact on society and leave a legacy but often find themselves feeling stuck. Red tape, disconnected technology, operational silos, legacy systems, homegrown solutions – they’re all contributors that get in the way of our customers’ focus on building trust in public institutions.

We believe in these professionals, and we share their mission. So, we started thinking.

Why is it that so many government workers are stuck? Why hasn’t the pace of innovation for govtech matched what we see in the commercial sector, or in our personal lives? The pandemic has heighted our expectations of technology: Amazon Prime, Netflix, Uber Eats, and Docusign all provide great user experiences and quick and easy task completion. As the leading provider of operational excellence software for government, how can we shatter the status quo and empower our FOIA, Audit, Investigations, Correspondence, and Human Resources customers to do their best work? In other words, how can we eliminate the dissatisfiers that lead to feeling “stuck” so they can thrive in their daily tasks and better deliver against their mission?

Those questions led us to embark on a listening tour, speaking with customers, partners, and employees supporting our solutions for open government, Offices of Inspector General, and employee and labor relations. Here’s what we learned:

  1. Our government customers told us they often feel stuck due to clunky user experiences, incomplete solutions, or commercial solutions that just don’t work for government.
  2. They want built-for-government solutions, combined with the great user experiences and interfaces they experience in their personal lives.
  3. They value companies that are “inside the beltway” with them, with a commitment to feedback, shared values, and seasoned employees that help strengthen the government community.
  4. Our customers are more alike than they are different. Most fall into one, or both, of two categories: a) Operators who work behind the scenes to keep government running smoothly and b) Changemakers who seek better ways of working and view tech as a critical tool in changing how government operates

Drawing on this feedback and our day-to-day customer interactions, our team defined three core tenets to guide our decision-making and innovation process, working with our customers to unstick the legacy systems and experiences that make up the status quo.

  1. Government use cases that work out-of-the-box. We only build software for government. This means we are constantly thinking about policy, reporting requirements, security – and how to make our customers as efficient as possible in their work. It also means that our customers aren’t stuck with lengthy implementation timelines and the long list of customizations required when working with a commercial player.
  2. Strong product adoption. We want to ensure customers have great experiences using our software and that they fully leverage the capabilities of our technology. To that end, we are emphasizing better digital tools, more frequent customer interactions, and importantly, a new Customer Success capability.
  3. Individual products that work better as a suite. Government offices often collaborate, and when solutions aren’t connected, it can really slow things down. We are working to identify opportunities that enable secure data and document sharing to improve our customers’ efficiency, streamline manual workarounds, and enhance overall experiences for the government and the public.

Once we aligned on these core tenets, it became clear that our current brand did not convey them very well, even though all three are core strengths of our company and critical to how we operate.

We decided it’s time to better align our brand with our customers’ core challenges and our shared vision for the future of government technology.

Today, we are excited to launch a new brand, including an updated name, logo, website, and content that reflects our passion for government workers and their mission, the strength of our community, and our commitment to delivering exceptional technology experiences to help get them unstuck and move their work forward.


The name reflects our commitment to operational excellence and our value of community:

  • “OP” + “EX” reflects our customers, who are key to driving operational excellence inside government, and our software, which is designed to ease and automate the important work that they do so they don’t feel stuck and better meet their mission.
  • “US” nods to our community. We work hand-in-hand with our customer communities to help government professionals share ideas and support their ability to succeed with our products and people. We’re in this together.

As we look to the future, government will face complex challenges spanning legacy systems, rising workloads, and increasing numbers of requests, audits, investigations, and employee concerns. OPEXUS empowers government professionals to build trust in the public institutions they serve with software built around policy and government-specific partners.

I look forward to sharing more about our forward-looking vision and initiatives in the coming weeks as we continue the rollout of our refreshed brand, vision, and strategy.

We are OPEXUS. Get government unstuck.

-Howard Langsam

Howard Langsam is OPEXUS’ CEO with more than 20 years of growth and leadership experience in technology companies of all sizes. He also serves on the board of directors for the Northern Virginia Technology Council.

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