Speed FOIA request processing through advanced AI features and capabilities

The FOIAXpress® AI Assistant uses pre-processing and machine learning to find, flag, and redact sensitive information within a requested document prior to review.


Catch more exemptions from disclosure faster, saving time & decreasing workloads.

The FOIAXpress AI Assistant scans documents and flags any sensitive data for redaction. After multiple reviews, the FOIAXpress AI assistant learns what information should be redacted. The AI Assistant will then identify and redact information in future reviews. Eventually, users will simply review pre-redacted information, modify the document for additional redactions, and release the document with appropriate correspondences to the requester.

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Increased efficiency

With the AI Assistant, users can develop precise and consistently appropriate search conditions for faster processing, resulting in fewer delays.

Decreased risk

The AI Assistant will flag and redact sensitive data to make sure nothing slips through undetected during the review process.

Time savings

Learning from previous redactions, the AI Assistant will redact information quicker over time and eliminate redundant tasks.

Improved consistency

Redacted documents will share the same structure and layout due to the AI Assistant’s pre-processing and a unified set of templates.


Ever-expanding redaction capabilities & AI-assisted search criteria

The AI Assistant features natural language processing, custom and automated pattern reactions, and history-based intelligent redaction suggestions to improve accuracy and efficiency in the redaction process.

FOIA Express screenshot
FOIA Express screenshot
FOIA Express screenshot
FOIA Express screenshot
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ATIP Express screenshot
Automatic Named Entity Recognition

The FOIAXpress AI assistant uses natural language processing (NLP) to automatically identify entities using information that includes but not limited to the names of people, locations, organizations, currencies, dates, and times.

Custom Patterns and Automated Pattern Reactions

The FOIAXpress AI Assistant uses pattern recognition and natural language processing (NLP) to identify named entities and personally identifiable information (PII), resulting in better quality work with fewer delays and a reusable knowledge base.

History-Based Intelligent Redaction Suggestions

The more that analysts use the FOIAXpress AI Assistant, the more its knowledge base grows. Over time, it will learn to find, flag, and redact new information with greater precision.


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