OPEXUS and Veritone Combine Forces to Offer a Modern ATIP Solution

December 12, 2023 / #ATIP

OPEXUS and Veritone have partnered to empower government agencies to navigate the rapidly changing landscape for public record requests. With ballooning data volumes, ATIP requests on the rise, and a variety of media types subject to request, this strategic partnership will provide ATIP programs a complete, best-of-breed solution for request management and intelligent redaction.

This alliance enables OPEXUS customers to take advantage of Veritone’s AI-driven audio and video redaction application. Veritone customers will experience OPEXUS’ market-leading technology, ATIPXpress, a built-for-government solution to ensure end-to-end ATIP request management.

Veritone: Intelligent Audio and Video ATIP Redaction Software

Veritone Redact systematically detects human heads, license plates, mobile data terminals and allows users to define other sensitive imagery and objects within a scene, then automatically redacts this information from audio, video, and image-based evidence saving public safety agencies up to 90% time when compared to manual processes.

Veritone redact ATIP FOIA screen shot

Audio & Video Redaction Mastered

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Step-by-Step ATIP Processing in One System

  1. Intake
  2. Review & Route – Capture and process all request activities from a single interface
  3. Gather & Track – Using the built-in dashboards users can easily locate requests by status, pending activities, messages from the requesters, and more
  4. Review & Redact – With one click, audio and video files from any source are reviewed and redacted with Veritone Redact
  5. Respond – With pre-loaded templates and easy routing of approvals
  6. Report – View dashboards for a full audit trail of all user actions for easy reporting

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