Celebrating Public Service Employees as they Keep Government Working

May 12, 2023 / #Unstuck Government, #Open Government

Few people understand what goes into making government work, but our team is honored to be invited behind the scenes to support public service employees as they do remarkable things to make government more responsive, efficient, and effective. 

Every year since 1985, the first week of May has been set aside as Public Service Recognition Week, a time to thank dedicated public servants from federal, state, and local governments across the country. In 2023, Public Service Recognition Week, led by NIH, began on May 7.  

On this final day, we want to emphasize how important our community of hardworking, dedicated public service employees are to our success and honor their willingness to collaborate to create meaningful change in government.  

“Public Service Recognition Week is so important because the people behind the scenes rarely get the recognition they deserve,” said Howard Langsam, CEO of OPEXUS. “I have enjoyed my 20+ year career in government technology for many reasons, not the least of which is the opportunity to serve this passionate community of government insiders.” 

At OPEXUS, we are about building relationships. As a provider of technology solutions to the actual humans running government offices and agencies, we get in the weeds with them to help solve their day-to-day process management challenges.  

During this year’s Public Service Recognition Week, we asked folks inside and outside government to tell us what they are witnessing in back offices across the board. Here are a few of their thoughts:  

  • “Every day, we see dedicated folks working behind the scenes at [Federal Agency] to ensure that the public is well-served. They coordinate programs for FOIA, privacy, records management, litigation holds, tort claims, and witness relocation, and their work is essential to the smooth running of the agency.” 
  • “My contact at [Federal Agency] is tenacious when it comes to regulations, guidance, a directive.  She meticulously manages multiple programs and has received “Perfect” scores in the area of Privacy and Records Management. She expertly trains and informs the employees on all things Privacy and Protecting Record Protection. She is one of the most caring and hardworking individuals I have been fortunate to work with.” 

These sentiments are echoed within the halls of government, and here at OPEXUS. 

“I have had the opportunity to partner with many public service employees during my career, and I am always blown away by their selflessness, caring attitude, and their incredibly high integrity” said Ryan Trudeau, State and Local Sales Director. “Many of the privileges we get to experience daily are the outcomes of the hard work of these dedicated professionals.” 

We still have a few hours before Public Service Recognition Week officially ends, but it’s never too late reach out to your contacts, colleagues, friends, and family to personally thank them for their dedication to their jobs, their agencies, and their constituents.  

To follow the conversation about supporting public service employees by creating government-specific software solutions that make their jobs more efficient and effective, follow OPEXUS on LinkedIn.  

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