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6 Hazards Lurking in Your IT Modernization Plans: The People Side of Change in Government

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February 27, 2024 | 12pm EST

Our Panelists
Hollie Bodiford-Taylor
Information Technology Mobilization and Modernization Change Maker at U.S. Federal Agency
A'ndrea Jones
Innovation Portfolio Manager, Founder, Synergy Innovation Lab at U.S. Federal Agency

Join us as we host senior federal leaders A’ndrea Jones and Hollie Bodiford-Taylor, experts in IT modernization and change management within the U.S. Federal Government to talk about the hazards of IT modernization when the “human factor” isn’t sufficiently addressed.

This webinar balances the conventional process-based change strategies in government by emphasizing the importance of addressing the human aspect of change from start to finish. 

Our interactive discussion will offer:

  • Insights into the skills today’s government changemakers need to develop in order to manage change
  • Navigating common reasons for resistance to change 
  • Coalition building within and among teams
  • Empowering people with a voice and fostering a culture of adaptability. 

Navigating change within the vast and intricate frameworks of bureaucracy Herculean task. From routine office relocations to monumental endeavors like vaccine distribution, change management is riddled with complexities. Yet, the traditional approach often overlooks the fundamental truth: people are at the heart of every change. 

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Meet Our Panelists

Hollie Bodiford-Taylor

Information Technology Mobilization and Modernization Change Maker at U.S. Federal Agency

Ms. Bodiford-Taylor has spent the last ten years as a thought leader and change maker in the areas of Business Informatics; Enterprise Applications; and Occupational Health and Safety. As a consummate leader she provides strategic direction for information technology, financial management, human capital, and acquisitions.

Under her leadership, she has enhanced business operations, streamlined processes, and implemented new technological tools. While embracing her leadership role as a Chief Officer for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility, her primary focus has been on developing strategic programs and initiatives fostering a workforce that not only reflects the diversity of the United States creating a strong culture of inclusion, but also one that embraces the changing landscape of the workforce.

Ms. Bodiford-Taylor is currently a Senior Information Technology Advisor and Chief Acquisition Officer at a U.S. Federal Agency. She previously served as a Chief Officer for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Over the course of 15 years in an executive capacity, she led an unrivaled problem-solving network of military, civilian, and contractor professionals dedicated to bringing together defense, technology, and entrepreneurial innovators responding to national security problems through innovative and impactful methodologies. During her intelligence career, she shaped and enabled successful management, strategy, implementation, and administration of programs impacted throughout the intelligence community.

Ms. Bodiford-Taylor is the recipient of several federal awards including the Commissioners Awards for Leading Cross Cutting Teams, Exceptional Leadership, Managerial Excellence, and most notably the NextGen Public Service Communicator of the Year Award. Ms. Bodiford-Taylor is an Executive Board member for the African American Federal Executive Association (AAFEA), and a Community of Practice leader for the Senior Executive Association (SEA).

A’ndrea Jones, Federal Leader

Innovation Portfolio Manager, Founder, Synergy Innovation Lab, at U.S. Federal Agency

Ms. Jones is a dynamic and accomplished mission impact accelerator with a proven record of leading innovative initiatives and driving organizational change. With over 20 years of experience in civic and private industries, she excels in customer experience, strategic planning, program management, and stakeholder engagement. Ms. Jones has a demonstrated ability to secure build coalitions, foster strategic partnerships, and deliver impactful outcomes.

Committed to advancing the mission of her agency, she is the founder of an a series of innovation pilot programs including cross-agency roundtables, innovation hubs, fellows program, and innovation communities of practice. She has lead teams in inclusive design practices, emotional intelligence, DEIA and change management methodologies to create new serve delivery models to improve the employee and customer experiences.

Beyond her extensive expertise, she serves as an executive coach, Prosci Change Management and TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence Trainer. Ms. Jones is a distinguished graduate of the African American Federal Executive Association (AAFEA) Fellows Program.

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