Accelerate your ATIP program discovery process

ATIPXpress® Electronic Document Review (EDR) uses technology to search, sort, and identify responsive content in large volumes of emails, attachments, and files, helping make every ATIP program more efficient.


Quickly filter, deduplicate, rank & sort documents

EDR tackles the mountains of potentially responsive records and allows users to filter, deduplicate, rank, compare, and sort documents from data sources prior to exporting them to the request folder. It automatically removes duplicates and retains the integrity of email chains. And by cutting down on the number of documents and duplicate documents that need to be collected and reviewed, ATIP program leaders can ensure their redactions are consistent and expedient.

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Accelerated processing

Reduce discovery time by up to 70% with automated review.

Greater transparency

Document all actions in concise, extensive audit logs.

Optimized resources

The pre-processing of records through EDR can improve turnaround times and reduce the burden on staff.

Customized reporting

Build, schedule, and generate custom reports to analyze document collection and review processes.


A streamlined, efficient way to manage your ATIP program.

ATIPXpress EDR enables users to quickly filter, rank, sort, and de-duplicate documents through content management, advanced search, audit logs, automatic de-duplication, and comprehensive document comparison.

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ATIP program screen shot
ATIP program screen shot
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ATIP program screen shot
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Email De-Duplication

Consolidate email threads and attachments to speed up the review process.

Document De-Duplication

Automatically eliminate duplicate documents to reduce clutter and save time.

Audit Logs

Automatically create audit logs to ensure compliance and support legal actions.

Content Management

Rank, categorize, and identify relevant content by concept for easy review.

Advanced Search

Search by keyword to quickly uncover responsive terms in large document sets.


Review real-time data on program statistics with interactive dashboards.

Document Comparison

Perform side-by-side document reviews to certify accuracy.


Drive operational excellence in government.

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