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OPEXUS Annual Summit 2023 Keynote: Unleashing the Power of Diversity and Innovation with Carmen Medina, Retired CIA Executive

August 10, 2023 / #Unstuck Government

Join us on November 2 in Washington, D.C. to be inspired by a true changemaker, a seasoned leader, and a master of critical thinking. Carmen Medina, a retired Senior Federal Executive with an impressive 32-year career in the intelligence community, is coming to OPEXUS Annual Summit 2023 to share her wealth of knowledge and experience on becoming an internal changemaker in civil service – an “intrapreneur.”

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What Can You Expect

Carmen’s keynote promises to launch the OPEXUS Annual Summit, advancing our rallying cry to getting “Unstuck: Being a Changemaker in a Changing Government.” She will touch on three key areas, each promising a valuable takeaway for any organization or individual:

  1. Being a Change Agent in Large Organizations: One key insight Carmen shares is the importance of speaking up and taking small steps toward progress, rather than waiting for a “perfect solution.” Instead, Carmen advocates for initiating small changes to both help prevent stagnation and contribute, over time, to significant progress in improving employee experience and productivity.
  2. Diversity of Thought and Culture: Carmen sheds light on the importance of managing for diversity of thought by creating and facilitating workplaces with equitable access, opportunities to share best practices, and tools for collaboration. She highlights how reaching true consensus can stifle diverse perspectives.
  3. Leadership Lessons and Contrarian Insights: Carmen’s leadership lessons are not conventional wisdom. She challenges the status quo, advocating for embracing imperfection, being willing to change one’s mind, and other surprising insights that will make you rethink traditional leadership approaches.
About Carmen

Carmen’s reputation precedes her as a national and international expert on intelligence analysis, strategic thinking, diversity of thought, and innovation within the public sector. Her influence extends far beyond her years at the CIA, where she served as a prominent figure on the executive team that led the Analysis Directorate from 2005-2007. As a leader on diversity issues, she helped shape the landscape of equity boards at all organizational levels and across various Directorates. Register now for OPEXUS Annual Summit 2023.

Carmen’s appearance will be an opportunity to gain invaluable insights from an accomplished leader and strategic thinker. Her ability to captivate and entertain ensures that you will be ready to engage, come with ideas, offer questions, and get the most that you can from our daylong summit designed for people who are essential in government mission delivery and transformation.

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OPEXUS Annual Summit | November 2, 2023 | Washington, D.C.

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