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Demystifying AI: The Best Redaction Software Uses Machine Learning Technology

September 1, 2023 / #Open Government, #FOIA

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In 2022, FOIA professionals faced a record-breaking 700,000 filings and staggering 206,720 backlogged requests. The urgency to find innovative solutions has never been greater.

We all know that the most time-consuming step in the FOIA process is the manual review and redaction of exempt records. By adopting the best redaction software that leverages the power of artificial intelligence, FOIA teams can teach machines to redact quickly and accurately.

Join us for a lunch and learn to see how OpenText’s™ product, Magellan, delivers powerful, multi-faceted machine learning to uncover the any and all potential FOIA  exemptions within a given set of documents or content. While FOIAXpress requires some manual effort, adding Magellan to the ecosystem fully automates it, allowing agencies to:

  • Generate a model from prior redactions and automate the redaction process, reducing time and increasing accuracy across a greater range of topics
  • Create substantive and personalized review and redaction to automate the capture of more than exact matches

Learn how you can effectively conquer the backlog and usher in a new era of efficiency with AI.

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