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Empowering Auditors: Lessons from HUD-OIG's Software Implementation Journey

#Unstuck Government, #Audit & Investigations

June 6, 2024 | 2pm - 3pm EDT

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the ability to manage change effectively is a crucial skill for leaders in any field, particularly in government.

Our upcoming webinar, “Empowering Auditors: Lessons from HUD-OIG’s Software Implementation Journey,” offers a comprehensive look into the complexities of implementing new technologies in government settings and the strategies to address these challenges successfully.

The Human Side of Change

This webinar will focus on the human side of change, emphasizing the importance of engaging and empowering individuals throughout the process. .

Join us as we hear from Karen Cookson, a Senior Auditor and Database Administrator at HUD-OIG, and Anuj Desai, Solutions Engineering Manager at OPEXUS.

They will share valuable lessons learned from HUD-OIG’s implementation of the eCASE Audit software. Their experiences highlight the critical role of effective communication, the establishment of a group of Change Champions, and the strategic planning necessary before, during, and after the implementation phase.

This discussion is designed to offer practical advice and strategies for overcoming the hurdles inherent in managing change within government. Whether you’re involved in minor adjustments or major system overhauls, the insights provided will be relevant and beneficial.

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“Empowering Auditors: Lessons from HUD-OIG’s Software Implementation Journey” will equip you with the knowledge and skills to design change initiatives confidently and effectively in the government sector.

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