Govification: Making Software Purpose-Built for Our Most Essential Workers 

December 5, 2023 / #Unstuck Government

The meaning of the phrase “good enough for government” has transformed from a point of pride to a euphemism for mediocrity. 

At OPEXUS, we see this as nothing short of a travesty. We’re on a mission to reclaim and restore this phrase to its golden-era glory, a time when it signified pride, operational excellence, and integrity.  

We refuse to let government workers continue to be hamstrung by software products designed for commercial businesses.  

  • It’s like handing a farmer a John Deere…lawnmower. Technically a tractor, but no way it is getting the corn in.  
  • It would be like equipping military pilots with an in-flight entertainment system. Watching Top Gun does not help in a dog fight.  

In fact, private sector software forced into the unique government environment often makes work slower, harder, and more frustrating. (No wonder you’re struggling with morale! You’ve got only a butter knife to eat a bowl of peas!) 

That’s why we proudly coined the term Govification (’gə-və-fə-’kā-shən) noun. The development of native products purpose-built to meet government specifications.  

A Tailored (and Stylish) Approach to Government Needs

At OPEXUS, our focus is on releasing use cases that mirror exactly how government work is done, ensuring a seamless integration of our solutions into your daily operations. We’re taking significant strides in enhancing our product suites to cater specifically to the unique demands of government agencies. 

FOIA Express: Streamlining Compliance and Requests

Take, for instance, our innovations in FOIAXpress. We’re automating the Department of Justice’s Self-Assessment Module, pulling data directly from FOIAXpress to fill necessary fields. This means no more tedious manual audits – a significant leap in efficiency for agencies handling both classified and unclassified requests. 

We’re also making significant strides in workflow and efficiency improvements – providing a document deduplication capability, building integrations with leading document and records management systems to reduce switching between applications, and using artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to speed up the manual intake and redaction processes. 

Audit and Investigations: Simplifying Reporting and Standards

In the realm of audit and investigations, we’re introducing a training tracker to simplify annual training requirements and reporting processes. The training tracker will have workflows that reduce the need for outside communications (like emails) and also provide at-a-glance views of the information most important to you. 

Additionally, we’re leaning into the Yellow Book auditing standards, offering tools tailored for external audits, a necessity unique to government agencies. We’re improving how information flows through the audit lifecycle by making additions and improvements to our workflows. We’re also giving you easier access to your most important information through the addition of data dashboards.  

Workforce Management: Enhancing Compliance and Reporting

For HR departments, we’re streamlining the MD 715 report filing process, going beyond just complying with EEO guidelines to proving and reporting adherence. We’re also implementing an anti-harassment portal, addressing the rising volume of claims and providing a confidential reporting channel for employees. 

Govification in Support and Service

Our commitment to govification extends beyond products to our approach to support and service. This includes: 

  • “Govified” Customer-Facing Teams:  Unlike general software companies equipped to handle only software use and technical questions, OPEXUS entire team is 100% focused on meeting government needs. This specialization allows us to have deeper insight into government processes and FAQs and enables us to highlight how to implement our built-for-government features. From being able to answer “how-best-to” set up a FOIA workflow to helping with making a business-case to senior leaders, OPEXUS delivers 100% built-for-government software with a 100% built-for-government team.  
  • On-Demand Product Training Modules: Recognizing the challenge of skill retention, we’re introducing on-demand product training modules in 2024. These will be invaluable for users who are new to an agency or need a refresher on how to best use OPEXUS applications 

The OPEXUS Commitment

At OPEXUS, our dedication to govification reflects our deep understanding of and commitment to the government sector. We’re not just providing software; we’re offering a partnership to ensure that government agencies operate with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Our tailored solutions, proactive support, and continuous innovation are what make OPEXUS a leader in government technology, and it’s a path we’re excited to continue forging.

OPEXUS mission is to empower government agencies with the tools they need to outperform on their mission, because for us, “good enough for government isn’t good enough.” 

In essence, govification isn’t just what we do; it’s who we are. It’s a testament to our belief in the power of purpose-built technology to transform the largest, most essential workforce in the country – the government.

Without you, there wouldn’t be an “U.S.” (pun intended).  

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