OIGs: Fast-Cycle Procurement of eCASE - Government Audit Software

May 25, 2023 / #Audit & Investigations

Like all government entities, you’re facing daunting acquisition challenges related to buying leading-edge software solutions – multiple stakeholders, long timelines, lengthy and numerous proposals to review. Your legacy government audit software systems continue to decline while demands keep piling up.  

Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) simplify the procurement process by establishing pre-negotiated terms and conditions with selected vendors. This streamlines the acquisition process, reduces administrative burden, and saves time. Using a BPA, procurement officers can make purchases directly from the vendors without needing to negotiate individual contracts for each purchase. 

At OPEXUS, we worked long and hard to secure a DOJ-sponsored BPA award for our eCASE® Audit solution, enabling OIGs to transform their audit and compliance processes even sooner.  

Why use a BPA to fast-track your new government audit software solution?

The GSA acknowledges there are a ton of roadblocks in acquisition to acquiring SaaS and cloud-based products, and having a BPA in place helps you navigate confidently and (more) quickly through procurement. 

Your procurement officer will appreciate it when you deliver a BPA-qualified product purchase request. By establishing pre-negotiated terms and conditions with vendors that have been pre-selected to meet the contract requirements, most of the heavy lifting by procurement has been done!  

How to initiate a BPA purchase?

  1. Understand the BPA: Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, including the pricing, ordering procedures, and any limitations or restrictions.  

To understand the specifics of the eCASE Audit BPA, click here for a demo 

  1. Identify Your Specific Need: Determine the specific audit software features you require and ensure they fall within the scope of the BPA. We are 1,000% confident that eCASE® Audit is going to meet the needs of every OIG, because we built it just for youWe’ve ensured eCASE Audit® and its resulting audits and reports comply with GAO guidelines. That’s because eCASE Audit is specially built on top of Yellow Book and Red Book best practices and standards. 
  2. Identify Your “Authorized Buyers:” Confirm who, within your agency or department, has the authority to make purchases under the BPA. You’ll need to make contact and work with them throughout the procurement process. 
  3. Obtain Necessary Approvals: Follow your agency’s internal procedures for obtaining approvals for the purchase. This may involve obtaining appropriate authorizations, adhering to budgetary considerations, and seeking necessary clearances. 
  4. Contact BPA Holders: Reach out to the vendors or contractors listed in the BPA to inquire about availability, pricing, and delivery timelines. Communicate your specific requirements, including licenses, specifications, and any customization needs.
  5. Compare Vendors: Download our eBook “Choosing the Right Audit Management Software for Your Government Agency.”  
  6. Request for Quote (RFQ): Depending on your agency’s procurement process, you may need to issue an RFQ to the BPA holders. This formal request outlines your requirements and solicits their pricing and proposals. Ensure you adhere to any specific timelines or documentation requirements outlined by your agency. 
  7. Evaluate Quotes and Select a Vendor: Review the quotes received from the BPA holders and evaluate them based on factors such as pricing, quality, delivery timeframes, and vendor capabilities.  

Built for government and FedRAMP-certified, eCASE® Audit by OPEXUS is the answer to inefficient audits and scattered spreadsheets – just ask the internal audit team at DOJ 

Like all great internal audit management software, eCASE government audit software automates and eliminates duplicate tasks, frees up time, cuts through procedural and technical hurdles, but unlike our competitors, eCASE has been built specifically for government auditors.  

No lengthy re-configurations, no need to explain to us “how the government does it differently.” We know, because we built it just for you. 

How long will it take before the OPEXUS implementation team is on hand, helping you streamline your audit workflow? You’ll never know until you get the ball rolling.  

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