FOIAXpress Training: The Top Document Management Features You Need to Know About


Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming tasks and hello to efficiency and productivity with FOIAXpress. Our built-for-government open records, FOIA software is designed to streamline your workflows, saving you time and effort while ensuring compliance and security.

Watch this demo video to discover the top document management features in FOIAXpress and learn how you can revolutionize your document review process with the industry-leading FOIA software tool. In this video, our expert guide will walk you through the key features and functionalities that make FOIAXpress the go-to solution managing FOIA requests.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in the demo video:

  1. Advanced Search Capabilities:
    • Learn how to quickly search for responsive records in your document repository using folder names and full-text search.
    • Discover how to use advanced find and redact criteria to automatically identify and redact specific patterns such as email addresses, Social Security numbers, currency symbols, and more.
  2. Custom Redaction Criteria:
    • Explore how to create custom criteria for redaction, allowing you to efficiently redact recurring patterns or sensitive information across multiple documents.
    • Find out how to share custom redaction criteria with your team members, ensuring consistency and accuracy in your document redaction process.
  3. Review Templates:
    • See how to create and apply review templates for recurring documents, streamlining the redaction process for forms or documents with repeated information.
    • Learn how review templates can save you time and effort by automating the redaction process and ensuring consistency in your document review workflow.
  4. Internal Review Tools:
    • Discover the importance of using comment boxes for internal review communication and collaboration.
    • Learn how to use reduction comments to highlight specific areas for review, allowing you and your team members to easily identify and address sensitive information.
  5. Review Flags:
    • Understand how to use review flags to mark review progress and communicate important information to your team members.
    • Learn how to customize review flags to suit your specific workflow and document review requirements.
  6. Magnifying Glass Feature:
    • Explore the underutilized magnifying glass feature for zooming in on documents, making it easier to review and analyze detailed information.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the full potential of FOIAXpress and revolutionize your document management process. Watch our demo video today and take the first step towards greater efficiency, productivity, and compliance in your organization.

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