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How to Convince Your IT Leaders to Switch to the Government Cloud

#Unstuck Government, #Virtual Event

December 12, 2023

SaaS / Cloud software solutions offer airtight security, procurement ease, and incredible cost savings in maintenance, infrastructure, and support. So why aren’t all agencies rushing to sign up for 100% government cloud software solutions?

Watch this replay to hear from a panel of experts about why agencies should consider switching to the government cloud today.

Learn from Darrick Latimer, Technology and Information Specialist at the Federal Trade Commission, Claude Correll, CTO at OPEXUS, and Pam Ackley, VP of Solutions Consulting at OPEXUS. They’ll share their experience, including:

  • How to convince your internal teams to switch to the cloud, including priorities you can benefit from
  • What to expect during the migration process itself
  • Some of the benefits of cloud, including security and product updates
Darrick Latimer
Technology and Information Specialist at the Federal Trade Commission
Claude Correll
Pamela Ackley
VP of Solutions Consulting at OPEXUS
Kate Cologna
VP of Marketing at OPEXUS (moderator)
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