Protect Your City, State, & County from Cyber Threats with StateRAMP Certified Providers 

January 16, 2024 / #Open Government, #State, Local, Education (SLED)

State, local, and educational institutions (SLED) have such a wide array of needs, staff sizes, resources, and data types – but no matter what size or type of government agency you work for, it is critical for governments to protect sensitive data from cyberattacks. Starting your software search on the StateRAMP marketplace means you’re already guaranteed to have a head start in keeping data secure from cyber threats. 

With ever-escalating cyber threats, safeguarding data is paramount, making StateRAMP—the State Risk and Authorization Management Program—an excellent solution for a complex problem.  

Understanding the Importance of StateRAMP

StateRAMP introduces a comprehensive and consistent approach to assessing vendor security.  

Historically, states struggled with independent security standards due to limited technical capabilities and resources. StateRAMP helps solver for this this by offering a standardized security approach audited by third-party firms.  

Some states, like Colorado, are leading the way in integrating StateRAMP into state procurement requirements, signifying a shift toward relying on this streamlined vetting process to help select software providers with security guaranteed.  


Aligning with NIST 800-53 Standards

StateRAMP is based on a set of comprehensive set of guidelines and controls designed to assist federal agencies and organizations in strengthening the security posture of their information systems and data set by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  

StateRAMP is modeled on the federal FedRAMP program.  

StateRAMP helps state and local agencies small and large navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape that poses immense challenges for government teams. The program’s vendor certification approach alleviates the strain on states, ensuring a standardized security level across all vendors. The StateRAMP marketplace makes it easy to narrow down your search.

Our Commitment to StateRAMP

OPEXUS product suite is StateRAMP authorized, ready to serving as a defense against cyber threats for all of the agencies and departments we serve, from open government and law enforcement to auditors and human resources teams.  

All government agencies should consider the benefits of contracting with StateRAMP authorized providers for all of their cloud technology solutions. 

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