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November 21, 2022 / #Leave a Legacy
Congratulations to our Award Recipients

Every year at the AINS Annual Summit & User Conference, we recognize members of our community who have gone above and beyond in their work; changing workflows, improving features, and setting examples of operational excellence. Previously, we had honored members of the FOIA community through the Wayne R. Jewell award. At this year’s Annual Summit, the AINS team was proud to expand the awards to include two more: the Change Maker Award and the Operational Excellence award.  

Presented by our VP of Customer Service, Pamela Ackley, our team was pleased to bestow these honors upon Tracy Broady (Wayne R. Jewell Award), Jacqueline England (Change Maker Award), and the VA OSH Team (Operational Excellence Award).  

About the Wayne R. Jewell Award

Presented every year at our Summit, the Wayne R. Jewell Award honors former AINS Vice President Wayne R. Jewell, who truly cared for each and every member of his internal team and AINS customers. In honor of his legacy, the annual Wayne R. Jewell Award recognizes outstanding dedication to open government and the communities it impacts, both within federal government and among external requesters.

About the Change Maker Award

New this year, the Change Maker Award recognizes a customer who has helped his/her agency navigate a major transformation through excellent change management, coordination, and communications. The chosen awardee displays a pattern of innovation, collaboration, and initiative to seek out new ways of doing things and build better foundations across their agency. This award is open to all AINS customers.

About the Operational Excellence Award

New this year, the Operational Excellence Award recognizes an eCASE customer who demonstrates exceptional dedication to improving processes, mitigating risks, and ensuring agency operations run smoothly, empowering their colleagues to focus on delivering the agency’s mission. The winner demonstrates a persistent desire to learn, improve, and drive greater efficiency – thereby supporting his/her colleagues and helping AINS improve upon our built-for-government software.

To learn more about the Annual Summit, check out our event summary here! 

About AINS 

AINS is a global provider of adaptive case management platforms and solutions and IT services for government customers. AINS’s software enables organizations to streamline workflows across diverse lines of business. The Company’s software solutions span FOIA, Audits, Investigations, and other applications, all of which are purpose-built for specific use cases.


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