Collaborate securely & effectively with external stakeholders

The ATIPXpress® Collaboration Portal allows users without access to ATIPXpress to locate responsive documents and work with agency ATIP staff on requests. The ATIP Collaboration Portal can also be used to enable approvals by staff that are not part of the ATIP team.


Ensure documents are received & reviewed in a timely manner—no matter the source.

The ATIP Collaboration Portal facilitates the request for records from record owners with seamless delivery of responsive records to the ATIP office for processing.

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Accelerated processing

Request, share, and review documents with external stakeholders quickly and easily within a portal that fosters collaboration without compromising security.

Ensured compliance

Eliminate time-consuming steps and meet ATIP request processing timelines with greater efficiency.

Improved security

Allow secure collaboration while ensuring that only intended users have access to the ATIPXpress system.

Seamless document submission

ATIPXpress users can send documents directly from the system’s Document Management dashboard to the Collaboration Portal for reviews with external parties.


Enhanced functionality & collaboration from inquiry to delivery.

The Collaboration Portal features external document requests and easy to navigate dashboards that allow ATIPXpress users and external contacts to work together seamlessly and efficiently.

ATIP collaboration portal
ATIP Collaboration Portal Screen shot
ATIP Collaboration Portal Screenshot
Secure collaboration

ATIPXpress users can email an invite to collaborate with external contacts. All responses to requests and reviews are available in the Messages section.

External document requests

ATIPXpress users can request documents from a source who does not have access to the ATIPXpress system.

Easy-to-navigate dashboards

Users can easily locate requests by status, pending activities, messages from requesters, and more.


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