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Making Your Workflows “Agent Friendly:” A Guide for Choosing Investigations Case Management Software

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Better Evaluate Investigations Case Management Software for Government Applications

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the demand for investigators to be efficient, adaptable, and collaborative has reached unprecedented levels. To add to this challenge, investigators require tools that seamlessly transition from their desks to the field, enabling them to perform at their best in any situation. 

This guide discusses the very systems and processes that underpin government investigations, paving the way for agencies to function with heightened efficiency and effectiveness.  

What You’ll Get:

Making Your Workflows “Agent Friendly:” Investigations Case Management Software Designed Around Agents’ Needs    

  • Describes the role and functionality of leading case management software for government investigators 
  • Identifies major workflow challenges for government investigators including siloed information, tracking reporting deadlines, inefficiencies and gaps in technology, difficulty analyzing workload, adaptability to field work, and limitations in agency records search 
  • Identifies the 10 key features every government investigations management software tool should have and a checklist for you to compare vendors during the research process. 
  • An overview of how the case management software research team can include investigators at all levels in the selection and transition from a legacy system, paper files, and hard-drive folders to a case management software platform. 
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