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Welcome to OPEXUS’ buyer’s guide for audit case management software! We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you choose the best audit case management software for your agency, in partnership with our customer community – the operators and changemakers who keep our government offices running smoothly.

What you’ll get

We’ve done the research on audit case management software features and solutions, and (although we’re biased about our own solution, eCASE Audit), we believe that no matter what tool you choose, it should work for government auditors out-of-the-box with essential features you can’t live without, like:

Say goodbye to manual tracking of your audit logs

No more relying on legacy systems, paper processes, Excel spreadsheet tracking, or complex reporting systems when you choose the right solution To support your important work, auditors need tools that deploy quickly and extend across all the tasks associated with an audit from start to finish.

Say hello to easy, automated reporting

The best audit case management software solutions should reduce the burden of fiscal year planning, workpaper automation, findings and recommendations management, and manual resolution tracking.  IGs also need to look beyond siloed audit case management management and investigations case management systems to improve efficiency and reduce risk.

Built-for-government tools make all the difference

Many solutions support key pieces of audits or investigations, such as workpaper management, but very few enable true operational excellence with built-for-government technology that delivers Yellow Book standards out-of-the-box and the ability to deliver your specific-to-government reports.

Software that unites

OIGs can look for audit case management software and investigations case management software that can communicate, further empowering government auditors and investigators to work from anywhere, enabling real-time collaboration where it makes sense for your team, tracking time and training across the entire OIG, and ultimately provides a unified role-based workspace to perform all audit and investigation functions in a single integrated solution.

This guide is designed to support your market research on available solutions, help prioritize must-have buying criteria, and provide a comparison framework to evaluate the different solutions available in the market today to ensure you select the software that works best for you and your team.


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