Leave a Legacy

Streamlining Case Management: Technology Trends and the Headaches Impacting State and Local Government


June 21, 2023

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The frustration many constituents have with their state and local governments is warranted. Clunky user experiences, incomplete solutions or commercial tools that just don’t work for the public sector have made residents’ experience with government less than ideal – and this issue impacts the government workforce too. Lots of manual processes and paper flowing through the middle office, coupled with widespread staffing shortages, make it difficult to carry out mission-critical work.

Watch eRepublic and OPEXUS explore how agencies can deploy built-for-government solutions that empower the middle office to streamline workflows and deliver great user experiences.

This interactive, 30-minute discussion will cover how modernizing legacy systems can improve:

  • Cybersecurity – low-code and no-code solutions can help keep teams connected and secure without placing additional strain on IT Teams
    Workforce Management – modern tools can help support an inclusive work environment
  • Audit and Investigations – software can help agencies stay on top of legislation and automatically adhere to Redbook standards
  • Open Government – technology can help agencies process FOIA requests faster, at a lower cost and with less reliance on IT teams

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